rPET PureLux 2D soft charcoal  0,25 1280

rPET PureLux 2D soft charcoal 0,25 1280

skai® rPET PureLux 2D soft design lacquer laminate impresses with its 100% recycled PET polymer and sets new standards in terms of functionality and processing thanks to its unique soft feel and innovative surface finish.
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Product data
1. Material dimensions
You can find the material thickness and roll width in the product title. The material thickness is listed in mm immediately after the product name, followed by the roll width in mm. These values can vary within the assortment.
2. Individual production runs
Design, color, and embossing can be customized and produced for volumes of 3,000 running meters (3D film) or 5,000 running meters (2D film) and more. Contact us. We will be happy to advise you further.
3. Design synergy
Each of our surfaces originated in our internal Design Center. We can often utilize synergies between different business units, customers and partners and apply one design to various materials. For you as a customer, this means holistic design solutions from one source.
Protection film yes
Application indoor
Material PET
Field of application Residential
Gloss level matt
Processing 2D-formable
Material properties scratch proof, lightfast, sustainable, fulfills REACh requirements, pflegeleicht, anti-fingerprint, soft feel, recyclable, easy-to-clean
skai® rPET PureLux: High-quality furniture surfaces made from 100% recycled material

When disposable material becomes homely design dreams, then it is skai® rPET PureLux with staynu® technology! The lacquer laminate surface inspires with maximum sustainability - from the raw materials used to its practical use as a soft-matte and haptically pleasant functional furniture surface.  

skai® rPET PureLux supports a sustainable circular economy 

The PET polymer contained in the film is made from 100% recycled PET material and meets all the properties required by the furniture industry without compromise. Best of all, skai® rPET PureLux is itself 100% recyclable.  

skai® rPET PureLux reduces the ecological footprint 

  • We operate in an energy-saving manner and are regularly certified according to ISO 50001. Raw material procurement, manufacturing, and finishing take place locally or regionally, and the energy required comes from CO2-neutral sources. 
  • All skai® rPET PureLux ingredients are REACH-compliant and phthalate-free. Our low-emission finishes are water-based and therefore solvent-free. 

skai® rPET PureLux promotes sustainability in practical use

  • Longer service life thanks to the particularly scratch-resistant and write-resistant surface - furniture remains beautiful and functionally flawless for longer.  
  • The extremely dirt-repellent, easy-to-clean anti-fingerprint surface helps reduce the use of environmentally harmful cleaning agents.  

PET recycling for skai® rPET PureLux 

The recycled material is processed, cleaned of impurities, and used in rPET production. Procurement takes place from qualified specialist companies as part of a defined overall process (purchasing, quality control, complaints management). Legal requirements such as the Recycling Ordinance in Germany are applied. 

Recycling reduces environmental pollution, decreases the demand for raw materials, reduces the ecological and CO2 footprint, supports the circular economy, promotes sustainable business, slows climate change and makes an important contribution to environmental protection. 

The key benefit of reuse - whether it is recycling, downcycling or upcycling - is obvious: every recyclable material that ends up in the recycling loop does not end up in waste management. In addition, recycling reduces the need for newly manufactured plastic. 


„European Green Award“ - skai® rPET PureLux impresses with sustainable concept!

Inspired by the European idea of a “Green New Deal for Europe” in 2019 and founded in 2020, the European Institute of Applied Sustainability (EIAS) has been awarding the “European Green Award” in a total of seven categories every year since 2021. During this year’s awards, skai® rPET PureLux has made it to the final round and will in future bear the title of “European Green Award Nominee”. This is an honor that, among all the submissions, has only been awarded to six other companies and individuals apart from Continental in 2023

The mission of the European Institute of Applied Sustainability (EIAS) is not only to recognize outstanding environmental and fair achievements of companies as well as individuals, but also to offer them international visibility as excellent sustainability players and future world shapers through this platform.