“See, Touch, Think, Love” characterize and describe surfaces that can be looked at, felt, understood, and taken to heart. Their look and feel, their inner values and external attractiveness make them something special: Surfaces that touch.

Naturalness, elegance, and technical performance characterize Continental furniture surfaces. They are used on kitchen, bathroom, and cabinet furniture and are available in numerous designs, trendy colors, and structures. This brochure gives an overview of the new products in the area of furniture films as well as their combinations and applications with mutual partners.


With innovative wood and fantasy designs as well as the structured plain colors developed to match these, we have attractive surfaces in our assortment. They follow the trend toward new coziness and the
increasing individualization. Our goal: materials that can be experienced with all of the senses. Because we focus on people and their individual needs.

Trends 2017 Trends 2017

We consider design to be a continuous, ongoing process, from which we conceive new product ideas. For 2017, our design team defined the three trends Natural Soul, Pure Living, and Expressive Art, which are reflected in the individual designs.


Handmade art with a passion for detail. Glamorous metals provide fine accents.


Clean form design meets soft materials. Delicate line patterns create modern lightness.


An abundance of colors floods the senses. Folkloric diversity in inspiring combinations.


skai® Arona Oak

Natural, native, lively

The trend toward naturalness is still going strong: During hectic times, people create cozy rooms to live and work in. Natural wood and natural-looking designs are the top sellers – alone or in combination. Stone or colorful areas are welcome accents. _skai_ Arona Oak exactly meets this trend.

In Decor Association with: Interprint

skai® Turner Oak

Wotan Eiche

A very rustic, lively furniture design with exciting and striking wood characteristics. skai® Wotan Oak has wide planks and colorful streaks with a generous layout. The design is especially well-suited for large-format furniture surfaces or decorations with shaped freeform surfaces.

skai® Eiche Ribbeck

Eiche Ribbeck


Eiche Ribbeck


Eiche Ribbeck


skai® Kitami


Exciting contrasts

The furniture design _skai_ Kitami has a natural tension due to the varied material with slight discolorations and delicate wood structures. The design’s exciting contrasts between stripy and flowery areas are especially impressive. Commercial, long-lasting, and definitely not boring - these are the characteristics of this furniture design.

In Decor Association with: schattdecor

skai® Texstone


Man meets material

skai® Oxid – a strong representative of materiality with a stone-concrete-quartz look or with a metal look. Smart home and digitalization on one hand, materiality on the other. Where many things are no longer tangible, the feel of the material has become important. The trends stone and metal form an uncontradicted symbiotic relationship. Materials can be mixed as desired, oftentimes with wood designs as a cozy counterpart.

skai® Marmor Romeo

skai® Sahara


Original character

skai® Sahara fits naturally and stylishly into various room situations. It is a traditional material that radiates dependability and security. Peace and warmth in the house are the results. The design, which resembles sandstone, quartz, or concrete depending upon the color, can be seamlessly integrated into any furniture application. The subtly granulated, somewhat dull looking, haptically interesting surface has character.

skai® Sahara quartz


skai® Sahara gravel


skai® sahara Sandstone

EF EF1501841

De Amicis

Italian elegance

Italy, especially the region of Tuscany, stands for the tradition of high-quality, fashionable, and design-intense leatherwork. The world’s most renowned designers have designed the surfaces of exclusive Italian furniture, bags, shoes, and automobiles. Their designs are timeless. The surface of _skai_ De Amicis captures precisely this timeless look and perfectly replicates Italian chic. The design is named after Edmondo De Amicis, an Italian writer at the end of the 19th century.

skai® Fioro

Nature, color, and structure


Realistic structures are essential to balance materiality and environment.Textures are the lifelines of materiality, they describe individual epochs and stories. With soft and harmonious transitions, everything that defines wood is there. The FIORO textured surface is impressive with pores, flowers, annular rings, branches, and inclusions. The distinct floweriness with wide annular rings looks natural, expressive but not overpowering.

FIORO indigo


FIORO ivory


FIORO cosmos grey


skai® Perfect Touch

_skai_ Perfect Touch


To the product



Perfect Touch light grey

Perfect Touch denim

Perfect Touch kaschmir

Perfect Touch arktisgrau

Perfect Touch mussel

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