staynu Technology. Designed for Life.

Makes Surfaces More Dirt-resistant and Durable Than Ever Before

If it still looks new after years of intensive use, it's staynu. This revolutionary technology makes Continental upholstery fabrics particularly dirt-resistant and hard-wearing. staynu is the new, invisible, pleasant-to-the-touch, soft protective coating for numerous skai® interior fabrics. Perfect for real life.

Innovation With High Dirt Resistance and Ease of Cleaning

Thanks to the innovative, especially-resistant surface finish from staynu technology, regular maintenance of heavily frequented surfaces is easier than ever. A special coating seals the surface so that dirt particles rarely stick to it or – if they do – cannot penetrate deep into the coating. Even intentional damage is no reason to re-purchase or even replace the furniture. Amongst other things, suitable cleaning agents can be used to remove this soiling without leaving a mark:

  • Permanent markers, ballpoint pens, gel pens
  • Foods such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise
  • Drinks such as fruit juices, cola, coffee, red wine
  • Cosmetics such as lipstick, makeup
  • Dye that comes off jeans and even shoe cream

Thanks to the special surface finish, skai® fabrics with staynu technology do not gradually fade when continuously exposed to light – the surface is light-resistant. 

Cleaning Made Easy

For light soiling, such as from foodstuffs, we recommend regular cleaning with mild soap or skai® cleaners and a microfiber cloth. Stubborn stains can be removed without leaving a mark if immediately treated with isopropanol or white spirit. You do not need to treat the surface with special care products; it is essential to avoid scouring or bleaching agents. As always, please test on a hidden location first.


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Long-lasting Upholstery Surfaces Thanks to skai® Toronto EN With staynu Technology

Protective staynu technology will be available for a large number of uses in the future. It will be celebrating its debut with the new synthetic upholstery fabric skai® Toronto EN. This was specially developed for use in high-traffic and high-stress public areas. Thanks to the staynu technology, skai® Toronto EN is also particularly tear-, scratch- and abrasion-resistant, so the new interior surface with its fine leather grain is welcome wherever you want to create an orderly ambience with simple cleaning. Typical uses for skai® Toronto EN include seats such as benches, stools, chairs, sofas, headboards, couches, fitness equipment and much more. In the gastronomy and hotel industry as well as on cruise ships, with staynu technology, skai® Toronto EN is at home everywhere and is at its best in:


  • Hospitality (hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, cruises etc.)
  • Public Areas (offices, theatres, cinemas, sports arenas etc.)
  • Healthcare (nursing homes, hospitals, physiotherapy areas etc.)
  • Mobility, e.g. caravanning

Durable, Cost-effective and Ecological

As the surface is so easy to clean thanks to staynu technology, there is less wear on the fabric during cleaning. This significantly extends the service life and improves cost-effectiveness. Disinfecting agents also do not harm the surface. Production and surface finishing take place in Germany on machines specially developed for this purpose. During production, Continental aims to be as sustainable as possible:

  • Use of an alternative, phthalate-free plasticizer
  • Solvent-free, low-emission finishing
  • Energy-efficient production - Systematic waste prevention
  • Durability of the fabric

In Summary: staynu Technology Provides Outstanding Material Features

  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Extremely resistant to soiling and migration
  • Highly resistant to disinfectants
  • High tear and scratch resistance
  • High abrasion resistance (> 300,000 Martindale rubs)
  • Very good fastness to light (level 6)
  • Flame-retardant in accordance with DIN EN 1021-1+2, BS 5852 IS-0+1, IMO FTPC P8, MVSS 302
  • Responsible manufacturing process and environmentally friendly materials
  • Extremely long service life

Request a staynu Test Kit Now

See the durability of skai® Toronto EN upholstery fabrics with staynu technology for yourself. Our sales staff will be happy to provide you with your staynu test kit along with fabric and soiling samples, as well as a suitable cleaner. Just call or email us!


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