High-quality skai® Artificial Leather as a Furniture Fabric for Furniture Manufacturers

Designing Contemporary Furniture With skai® Faux Leather

International furniture exhibitions, trend research into interior design with a focus on sustainability and high consumer demand confirm that the leather look using artificial leather is more sought after than ever before in upholstered furniture design. Here, functionality and aesthetics play an equal role with regard to upholstered furniture, chairs and seating areas both for private as well as public and commercial spaces. After all, modern seating needs to not only offer outstanding comfort and to be easy to care for, it must also impress with a convincingly authentic leather look.


Sitting in Style: skai® Artificial Leather for the Upholstery of Chairs
Sitting in Style: skai® Artificial Leather for the Upholstery of Chairs

Sitting in Style: skai® Artificial Leather for the Upholstery of Chairs

Made from polyurethane or vinyl synthetic leather, the skai® furniture fabrics offer you as a designer and manufacturer of chairs an enormous variety of creative and application options. With attractive designs, authentic structures as well as stylish and modern-classic colors, with skai® you can make chairs into attractive seating furniture for diverse areas of use. The design possibilities are almost unlimited thanks to a wide range of color options, such as faux leather in red and faux leather in gray, as well as innovative structures. Enjoy the quality, sustainability, good workability and ease of care of high-quality upholstery fabrics made from faux leather.


Artificial Leather as an Upholstery Material for Sofas
Artificial Leather as an Upholstery Material for Sofas

Artificial Leather as an Upholstery Material for Sofas

As a manufacturer and designer of sofas, couches, seating ensembles and armchairs, skai® artificial leathers provide you with a high-quality surface material that offers a huge variety of applications and designs for creating your upholstered furniture. skai® PU faux leather and vinyl synthetic leather in diverse designs, embossings, material thicknesses, and an extensive color range provide you with a wide variety of contemporary options for creatively designing and manufacturing upholstered furniture according to your ideas for different areas of use. Among other things, countless variations of faux leather in green and faux leather blue allow for convincing design possibilities in furniture design. With skai® artificial leathers, you can be sure to respond perfectly to the key factors that are crucial for your customers: appearance, seating comfort, durability, and ease of care.


Special Looks for skai® Furniture Fabrics Made from Artificial Leather

Leather Look

It is an art to make synthetic leather as a furniture fabric look and behave like genuine leather: skai® faux leathers achieve this by convincing at all levels. After all, with authentic leather looks, authentic grains and a broad color spectrum, skai® faux leathers are equal to real leather in every respect. Moreover, they impress with outstanding functionality, good workability, durability, and easy care.


Textile Look

Textile looks have long been an indispensable element of chic interior design. It is essential, for example, to have artificial leather materials in textile looks at hand for the manufacture of upholstered furniture such as armchairs, sofas and seating islands. skai® faux leather in a textile look with a convincingly real-looking woven structure is your first choice here for implementing your creative, aesthetic and functional visions for interior seating furniture.


Wild Animal

The fact that artificial leather can also have its wild sides in terms of look and feel is demonstrated by the skai® furniture fabrics in stunning animal designs. With authentic color combinations and highly detailed stingray, antelope, ostrich or snake leather embossing, you can set stylish accents to your seating furniture designs.


skai® Product Overview

skai® Design Lab: Customized Furniture Fabrics Made From Artificial Leather with Digital Prints

If you, as a designer and manufacturer, want to lend your upholstered furniture an unmistakable look, you can use skai® artificial leathers with custom digital prints for virtually infinite design possibilities. This is because, in the skai® Design Lab, you can individually create thousands of skai® designs in any color, size and repeat patterns and adapt them to your needs in just a few clicks. Here, you can choose between two material qualities and three embossings – sand, textile structure or leather grain. We then individually print the high-quality skai faux leather exactly according to your specifications.


Special Characteristics of skai® Artificial Leather:

  • High-quality Polyurethane/Vinyl Imitation Leather
  • High abrasion resistance tested to DIN EN ISO 5470-2
  • High lightfastness tested to DIN EN ISO 105-B02
  • Flame-retardant equipment
  • Durable
  • Easy cleaning and care
  • Tear resistance
  • Partially with IMO certification
  • Partly resistant to disinfectants
  • Partly blood and urine resistant
  • Available in many colors, designs and embossings
  • Custom digital prints possible with skai® Design Lab Online
  • High-quality Polyurethane/Vinyl Imitation Leather
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