skai® Evida

Upholstery covering should be sustainable, eco-friendly and future-oriented – and give its owners a clear conscience. skai® BioSynthetics from the Nature Base collection does all of that.

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Nature Base – very natural synthetics

The skai® bio-synthetics from Continental marketed under the name of Nature Base are sustainable, environmentally friendly and future-oriented. They include the material skai® Evida from the first generation of Nature Base materials. The universally applicable upholstery fabric has a surface with a very pleasant feel and a characteristic leather grain. As with its natural counterpart, the depth of the grain varies, enhancing the natural appeal.
Particular emphasis is placed on a natural look and sustainability in the production of the material. Continental can justifiably call itself a pioneer in bio-synthetics as our developers aimed from the outset to replace as many components of the tried-and-tested synthetic upholstery fabrics as possible with those based on natural and renewable raw materials.

skai® Evida: synthetics with a clear conscience

They are definitely on the right track. At Nature Base, over 80 percent of the components used are already made of natural and renewable raw materials. The backing material is made of organic cotton or eucalyptus fibers and the conventional plasticizer has also been replaced by an innovative alternative using renewable raw materials. The innovative upholstery collection Nature Base won the highly coveted Blue Drop Award in the “Ecology” category in 2010. Nature Base products also meet the
Ökotex standard 100. This innovation represents a genuine alternative to conventional synthetics for anyone who is environmentally conscious. Durability and robustness, as well as all the other positive properties typical of skai® artificial leather, are uncompromisingly maintained. This makes skai® Nature Base ideal for use in upholstered furniture or in the fit-out of commercial areas.

Nature Base – the second generation

The second generation of the eco-friendly artificial leather has now been launched on the market. In the first generation, an organic cotton backing material was used for skai® Evida and skai® Etano. In the second generation, on the other hand, a eucalyptus fiber backing material is used, which is just as resource-efficient but also extremely strong. The material meets the high technical requirements of an artificial leather.

Diversity with great prospects

Whether it is the demanding commercial area or high-quality living spaces, as a colorful eye-catching element, understated business seating or for medical and physiotherapy applications, skai® Evida is the ideal bio-synthetics material for a wide range of uses that is sustainable, eco-friendly and future-oriented.

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