skai® Evida | Nachhaltiges Bio-Kunstleder

skai® Evida – Sustainable bio-based faux leather

Today, upholstery materials should not only be comfortable, elegant, safe and durable, but also as environmentally friendly as possible. That is no problem for the innovative bio-based artificial leather skai® Evida! The surface of skai® Evida impresses thanks to its richly varied leather grain and pleasant feel. However, this extremely versatile material makes a convincingly sustainable impression above all thanks to its inner values. As a realistic imitation of genuine leather, the material consists of 80% bio-based raw materials, thereby reducing the product’s carbon footprint.


skai® Evida Fiber - Faux Leather with a Fiber-Like Structure

With a multifaceted grain in a deliberately sustainable look and a fine fiber-like structure, skai® Evida Fiber is a synthetic leather that skilfully plays off its visual charm. The look: a highlight that becomes an eye-catcher on the object thanks to its wide color range. The feel: pleasantly soft. The secret of the material: it consists of 90% bio-based ingredients.



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                Natural bio-synthetics

                Sustainable, environmentally friendly, Fit for Future – skai® bio-based artificial leathers are all of these things. As a pioneer in bio-synthetics, Continental is pursuing an ambitious goal in the development of its leather alternatives. The aim is to replace as many conventional components as possible with ingredients based on natural and renewable raw materials. skai® Evida is the all-rounder among these sustainable upholstery fabrics. The material presents an extremely pleasant surface to the touch with a characteristic leather look. As with natural leather, the depth of the grain valleys varies.


                Natural artificial leather without any compromises

                The skai® Evida bio-synthetic product line meets ecological standards while also fulfilling stringent technical demands. For uncompromising practicality, this vegan material is abrasion-resistant, resistant to blood, urine and disinfectant, phthalate-free, lightfast and tear-resistant. The material’s durability and easy maintenance make skai® Evida the perfect choice for almost any application, from healthcare and hospitality to the home. Our alternative to leather meets the specific requirements of medical device law as well as toy and flame retardant standards, among others. skai® Evida also meets the requirements for use of the popular Oeko-Tex label in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


                skai® Evida artificial leather: bio-synthetics with a clear conscience

                Continental is pursuing a holistic approach to promoting the preservation of an intact environment with sustainable materials and innovative manufacturing processes. In the case of skai® Evida artificial leather, already more than 80 percent of the components used are made from natural and renewable raw materials, and the backing fabric is made of organic cotton. The conventional plasticizer was replaced by an alternative based on renewable raw materials. In addition, all raw materials used were selected on the basis of sustainable criteria. Material that is left over during the manufacturing process is recycled wherever possible and returned to production – without compromising on quality! Last but not least, electricity for production is generated in a 100% carbon-neutral way.

                All this makes skai® Evida the environmentally aware alternative to conventional leather when it comes to designing upholstered furniture or for stylish commercial fit-outs. Inspiration and flexibility are provided by a natural color palette that offers something for every purpose, from classic to modern.

                Sustainable artificial leather with many uses

                Whether in sophisticated commercial or high-end living areas, whether as a colorful eye-catcher, as discreet business seating or for the medical and physiotherapy sector, whether for office, co-working, restaurant and café, whether for public areas, residential or hospitality: skai® Evida is always the right material, sustainable, environmentally friendly and future-proof.


                Trend-setting artificial leather – committed to sustainability

                Thanks to its practical properties, the vegan material skai® Evida contributes to the fulfillment of Continental’s ambitious sustainability goals throughout the entire product life cycle, from production through to disposal. This does not just include dispensing with the use of animal products, but also much more:


                skai® Evida

                skai® Evida supports a sustainable circular economy

                Residues from the manufacturing process are collected, partially recycled in-house or sent for recycling.

                skai® Evida reduces the ecological footprint

                • Components used are made from more than 80 % natural and renewable raw materials (e.g., organic cotton backing fabric).
                • Use of phthalate-free plasticizers based on renewable raw materials.
                • Produced and finished in Germany.
                • Use of local and regional raw materials (EU). Natural mineral fillers and pigments
                • Natural mineral fillers and pigments

                Among other things, skai® Evida promotes sustainability in practical use

                with the fulfillment of demanding standards:

                • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
                • Toy standard DIN EN 71-3
                • Medical Devices Act DIN EN ISO 10993-5+10
                • PAH free (according to GS specifications)

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                Order samples for your sustainable projects here and be convinced by the synthetic alternative for conventional leather. Do you have any questions? We will be glad to help.



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