skai® Faux Leather Palma
skai® Faux Leather Palma

skai® Palma

skai® upholstery covers are ideal for attractive interior design.

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skai® Palma – highly durable and easy-to-maintain material

Our high-quality skai® artificial leather possesses outstanding properties in terms of sustainability and durability. Thanks to its outstanding technical properties, it is first choice when it comes to the design of modern interiors. The highly durable materials with impressive structures and a natural feel offer the highest level of seating comfort – even in exclusive environments.

Interior design with skai® Palma

skai® upholstery covers from Continental are an attractive interior design option for seating furniture or walls. Whether it’s perfect imitation or modern metallics, the designs make a great impression with their natural and unique look. Based on the all-in-one concept, we harmonize the upholstery surface materials in terms of print, color, design and structure with furniture fronts and floor tiles, which are also available from Continental. In this way, the surfaces accentuate spaces, such as skai® Palma NF – a high-quality skai® material with a fine calf leather grain and a subtle print design. The upholstery material is extremely versatile and particularly well-suited to demanding commercial usage, for example in public buildings and facilities as well as nursing homes and accommodation for the elderly. Its resistance to tear and disinfectants mean the upholstery material is easy to maintain and highly durable. skai® Palma NF offers exceptional comfort, robustness and, above all, outstanding flame protection as the innovative material meets the stringent B1 rating. skai® Palma NF is available in attractive colors.

Upholstery with durable material

skai® Palma NF upholstery is robust, abrasion-resistant and easy to clean and maintain – it’s also ideal for high-traffic areas, such as cafeterias, hotel lobbies and, for example, medical, fitness and physiotherapy facilities. The material is highly impressive in terms of quality but also comfort. With its pleasant feel and softness, it enhances the comfort of furniture. It is not only safe, but also impressive in terms of comfort. Its pleasant feel and softness help create a relaxing atmosphere.

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