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skai® Pavinto

Under the concept of “surfaces that inspire”, we offer high-quality upholstery materials in unique designs and outstanding quality.


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                skai® Pavinto: Durable and easy-care artificial leather

                Another example of an emotional surface from Continental is the artificial leather skai® Pavinto. Visually, it has an appealing used appearance: the stylish cowhide look has clear signs of wear. Traces of wear and tear and the varied grain are all part of the authentic vintage look. The surface looks like it has been around for a while – time has left its mark on it. Its varied grain and deliberately positioned shades of color give skai® Pavinto a warm and vibrant look. The eight trend colors reflect its character with a slightly bleached look. The pleasant feel is very appealing, and the fine top sheen imitates its natural counterpart down to the last detail. skai® Pavinto is durable, light-fast, tear and abrasion resistant and easy-care. The high-quality material also won the Interior Innovation Award 2014.

                Interior design with skai® Pavinto

                skai® Pavinto brings the trendy Shabby Chic to seating furniture, such as sofas and chairs. In a lounge, a hotel lobby or a bar, skai® Pavinto helps create an exclusive ambiance. But the design also stands out in high-end living spaces. As the skai® artificial leather meets the strict IMO FTPC P8 standard, it is also eminently suitable for use on cruise ships. The attractive colors are extremely elegant and underline the chic and natural character of the material. 

                Artificial leather for public buildings and facilities

                Our artificial leather skai® Pavinto is also the perfect solution for public buildings and facilities, such as hospitals, public halls and stadiums. It adds a touch of refinement to walls and upholstered furniture and helps create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Thanks to its exclusive design and hard-wearing surface, skai® Pavinto is ideal for demanding commercial fit-outs.

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