skai® Tundra

skai® surface materials are ideal for use in public buildings and facilities.

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Properties of skai® Tundra artificial leather

Our high-quality skai® Tundra material has a fine calf leather grain and an understated matt-gloss effect. The extensive color range opens up many possible applications and combinations. The innovative upholstery material complies with the German Medical Device Act DIN EN ISO 10993-5 10, making it ideally suited for use in the medical and physiotherapy sectors. If used properly, there are no cytotoxic effects or primary skin irritation. The other properties of skai® Tundra also make it perfect for this demanding area: the material is durable, light-fast, tear-resistant, easy to clean and resistant to abrasion and disinfectants.

Interplay between look and feel

The innovative skai® Tundra synthetic leather material with a genuine leather look is very much in harmony in terms of how it looks and feels. The natural-looking decor replicates its source of inspiration perfectly. An authentic embossing style not only ensures a true-to-the-original appearance, but also appeals to the sense of touch. The elegant material has a wonderful look and feel.

Public areas

The high-quality material skai® Tundra in the color Carbon is perfect as a wall covering in an exclusive setting, such as at the Hotel Barceló Raval, for example. The four-star hotel in the heart of Barcelona is famed for its sophisticated and cosmopolitan design. skai® Tundra Carbon is used to decorate the prestigious entrance area of the high-end hotel. The exceptional material features distinctive embossing structures which produce interesting iridescent effects on the surface depending on how light falls on it.
The high-quality skai® artificial leather in the form of seating and wall covering is also used in arenas, airports, railway stations, football stadiums, cinemas, theaters, opera houses, museums, offices and conference rooms.

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