skai® Furniture Foil matte finish

skai® furniture film in matte finish

Furniture foil with a matte finish is very popular. After many years of dominance of high-gloss fronts in white or bold solid colors, furniture for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and home offices now emerge with warm, pleasant matte surfaces and organic styling. With its innovative surfaces, matte skai® furniture foils not only score points in terms of design, they are also particularly resistant to scratches and fingerprints. Discover the new skai® product lines in high-quality vinyl and PET versions and lend your furniture a trendy feel-good flair with velvety surfaces.



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                    Extensive range of matte foils

                    Natural wood looks and solid designs, modeled after the original with attention to detail, are the strengths of skai® matte furniture foil. Our foils impress with their fine-pored texture, lively and diverse prints, and highly trendy color compositions. The 2D and 3D-thermoformable matte furniture foils offer manufacturers of kitchen fronts, bathroom and box furniture almost endless possible uses. For example, the second-generation skai® PureLux PET design lacquer laminate furniture foil, which also opens up whole new perspectives in terms of its recycling potential. Or the solid vinyl foil skai® Perfect Matte: The soft surface with a fingerprint-resistant coating tempts you to touch it without leaving any visible traces behind.


                    Matte furniture foil: The trend for furniture and interior design

                    We are currently experiencing a turnaround in furniture design. For years, the appearance was dominated by high-gloss fronts, often in bright colors. Today, the focus is on warmth, organic colors and textures, as well as coziness. Matte furniture surfaces are virtually predestined for this. They exude calm and security. Muted colors, from champagne hues to earthy shades and slate-matte anthracite, create attractive contrasts to walls, floors, countertops, or cabinets – a home trend that conveys the popular “Hygge” feeling of Scandinavian country house design to the here and now. The combination of natural wood, stone, metal, ceramic, or concrete materials with cool solid surfaces in shades of blue and green or even in steel gray is also very popular right now.

                    Regardless of which design manufacturers choose, the current skai® furniture foils in matte finish are coordinated with other manufacturers in color composites and thus also enable complex furniture design in one process.

                    Special features of the skai® furniture foil in matte

                    Understated colors in muted shades such as white, “frost white,” “savanne,” “magnolia,” and “dust grey” are perfectly integrated into current home environments. Solid matte surfaces or wood decor are must-haves in trendy living and working spaces, as well as in stylish bathrooms. But design alone is no longer enough to convince manufacturers and consumers: Functionality must also offer added value and reflect the current trend toward more sustainability: Special coatings make skai® foils in matte for furniture, pleasant to touch, prevent dirt and fingerprints, and are resistant to scratches and impacts. They will remain beautiful for longer and make their owners happy for longer.

                    • Pleasant feel with soft touch
                    • Fingerprint-resistant coating
                    • Resistant to impacts and scratches for a longer service life
                    • Easy to clean

                    Pleasant feel

                    Matte is simply more elegant. It calms down the interior ambiance and feels warm, organic, and familiar. Touching is expressly permitted because fingerprints won’t be an issue thanks to the special fingerprint-resistant coating. The durable soft-touch feel is an innovation that manufacturers and users have been seeking for a long time and that is perfected in matte by the latest skai® furniture foils.


                    High durability

                    The innovative fingerprint-resistant coating on matte foils from skai® is truly beneficial, especially for cabinet fronts and doors without pulls and handles. Its special coating makes the skai® matte furniture foil extremely resistant to bumps, abrasion, and scratches. And what looks more impeccable and classy remains in use for longer, helping to conserve natural resources. Another component of the comprehensive skai® sustainability strategy.


                    Order free samples of your matte furniture foil now!

                    Numerous furniture manufacturers are already convinced of the trendy foils in matte finish. Would you also like to be inspired? Then simply request your product samples now. Please keep in mind that skai® furniture foil is not suitable for end users.



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