The skai® furniture foil with stone and concrete
The skai® furniture foil with stone and concrete

Design Individualized Furniture Surfaces with Stone and Concrete Looks Using skai® Furniture Foil

For years now, natural stone and concrete have been vital stylistic elements in modern furniture and interior design. When it comes to furniture for bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms and kitchens, not to mention panels and wall design, customers are increasingly turning to natural stone and concrete looks to create a timeless, modern living environment.

With its wide range of attractive stone and concrete visual effects, skai® furniture foil offers you an abundance of options for design in furniture manufacturing to respond to this trend in home interiors with high-quality surfaces that exude authenticity.

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skai® Foil with Stone Look for Furniture Production

For you, the furniture manufacturer, skai® decorative foil with the real-life natural stone look provides you with a broad selection of interior surfaces and the stone, concrete and marble looks that are much in demand. Using this foil, you will be able to create a diversified range of furniture designs with distinctive character. The high-quality stone decorative foil is available in different thicknesses. The calming appearance of these surface finishings and visual and tactile properties of the tested materials ensure their suitability for the surface finishing of wall cabinets used indoors or of large wardrobes and cabinets used in bedrooms and living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and offices.

The stone looks of the skai® decorative foil range from granite, sandstone and marble to limestone, sandstone, slate or travertine. The foil is available in the following colors: white-gray to beige and dark gray to metallic.

skai® Foils in a Concrete Look for Wall Design

For years, exposed concrete has been a trend-setting style, serving as a design element in the upmarket residential segment, commercial properties and object design, and has long been established as a modern classic. The skai® foil in the concrete look offers you a wealth of attractive options for creative and individual response to this trend for 3D elements in wall design.

In skai® decorative foil, the concrete character is accentuated by fine porous, sandy or stony surface structures, and special husk and trowel effects. The colors range from light gray to anthracite.

Special Features and Design Diversity with skai® Furniture Foil

The skai® decorative foil, used for creative surface styling in the authentic look of natural stone, marble and concrete, sets itself apart with its excellent technical properties. The foil can be molded in 2D and 3D processing. It is dirt-resistant, scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. Not only that, but for you as a furniture manufacturer, it offers you a wide range of options for sophisticated finishing of surfaces that will underscore the overall effect of your furniture, construction and wall elements with the stone look or impression of concrete that look very much like the real thing. 

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