Design Furniture Surfaces That Exude Life in Tune with the Times – with skai® Birch Furniture Foil

skai® Furniture Foil birch

Design Furniture Surfaces That Exude Life in Tune with the Times – with skai® Birch Furniture Foil

In interior furniture design, the trend for modern naturalness is irrepressible – plastic furniture surfaces with expressive wood decors are more in demand than ever before. With skai® wood decorative foils, you can create furniture in the natural look of different kinds of wood. This is how skai® birch decorative foil, with its uncompromisingly high-quality wood imitation effect, keeps pace with the trend for natural comfort and, in so doing, enables you to produce high-quality finishing and furniture surface designs precisely attuned to your ideas.


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                  Furniture Foil for Interior Design: skai® Birch

                  As a furniture designer, using our furniture foil in a modern, fresh birch wood look, you can create a wide range of surfaces for interior spaces to create a modern yet timeless natural feeling of living and lifestyle inspired by the Scandinavian way of life. The upscale birch wood decorative foil is available in various thicknesses. The visual and tactile qualities of the tested materials make it especially suited for furniture coatings used in private interior design, upmarket object designs and the commercial sector.

                  Furniture with Wood Look – Use skai® to Produce Designs in Attractive Birch Look

                  As a furniture manufacturer and designer, you need materials that impress with their appearance, quality, design and workability. The skai® birch decor laminate is impressive across the board: It is conformable in 2D and 3D, light-resistant, durable and easy to maintain. You can use it to design furniture with a fresh wooden look with a natural accent for residential and commercial use and in object design.

                  Wall Design with Imitation Wood

                  Beyond the furniture sector, skai® birch 3D foil is suitable for the industrial finishing and design of larger-sized composite wood products, such as wall panels or wall cladding. The natural freshness of the birch wood look in the wall creates light and brightness in rooms in order to create the ideal framework for shaping a vibrant, modern ambiance.

                  skai® Birch Furniture Foil – Excellent Properties and a Wide Variety of Designs

                  The birch wood decor is distinguished not only by outstanding technical properties. It can be molded into 2D and 3D shapes, is scratch-resistant and easy to maintain – and is captivating with its natural birch wood look and authentic color scheme, grain and structure. The wood decorative foil is therefore not only suitable for applications with furniture, but also for object design.

                  Order your free sample of skai® birch furniture foil for your project now!

                  Find out more about the quality and authentic wood look of our versatile skai® birch furniture foil for your furniture, object and wall applications in interior design. We will be happy to send you a sample of the product.

                  Living room furniture with birch furniture foil Living room furniture with birch furniture foil


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