skai® Furniture Foil in Green and Olive

With appealing wood decorative foils and expressively structured unicolors, Continental presents exciting surfaces that fit in the trend toward new comfort as well as increasing individualization. The skai® furniture foils stand for the new natural look of the color, following the oak's recent dominance. Our “unicolors” from the Colore Magic Structure collection follow the current metallic trend.


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                    Furniture Foils for Kitchens

                    The elegant furniture foils can be used alone or in combination with trendy decorative foils on kitchen, office and bathroom furniture, as well as in the entire living and sleeping area. The materials made of PVC are very high quality and look noble on kitchen cabinets. They are extremely easy to clean and long-lasting.

                    Finishing Tables

                    Tables can also be easily finished with our furniture foil. Whether it’s lacquer laminate or wood decorative foil, whether it’s 2D- or 3D-formable, our materials inspire interior designers and planners for completely new living concepts.

                    Kitchen Cabinets Design

                    The vinyl furniture foils have an outstanding effect on the wall, for instance on a bathroom or kitchen cabinet. They can be used in any living area, whether in the hallway, in the living room, in the bedroom, or in the office. The industrial foiling gives all furniture fronts a completely new, trendy look. Please note that this foil is not suitable for end users.

                    Various Surfaces

                    Our 2D- and 3D-formable furniture foils are used for the industrial finishing of all types of wood-based materials for the interior. Their pleasant feel and appealing look ensure a feeling of high-quality living. You will find subtle, unobtrusive green and olive tones, for example with our monochrome foils in the mussel or olive colors with the gloss grades standard and semi-gloss.

                    Properties of the Green and Olive Furniture Foil

                    The furniture foils particularly stand out with their durability and high resistance. They are scratch-resistant and extremely easy to clean. In addition, the glossy foils are particularly decorative and ensure a feel-good atmosphere in the room in every aspect. The large assortment leaves nothing to be desired. The furniture foil, attuned and developed for industrial production, is ideally suited for use in the living and commercial areas. The furniture foils in green and olive, such as the ones from the colore modo collection, give decorative foils a unique sense of depth. The thermoplastic semi-gloss surface stands for shine and brilliance.

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