skai® Sonoma Oak Furniture Foil

skai® Sonoma Oak bright

skai® Sonoma Oak Furniture Foil

Oak is an absolute classic in the design world and is currently experiencing a true renaissance. In particular the rustic character of this decorative wood lends furniture pieces such as living room cabinets or kitchen fronts that certain something. In addition to the visual qualities of oak, such as a beautiful grain pattern that looks particularly high-quality and elegant, the furniture industry especially appreciates the texture of this wood and its layout versatility. 

Continental elegantly picks up on this trend with the skai® Sonoma Oak furniture foil. Bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe and closet match seamlessly thanks to the high-quality foil and radiate warmth and natural beauty: This is how you create well-being.


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                    Different styles of Sonoma Oak foil

                    But not all Sonoma oak is the same. Each manufacturer has its own shapes and models, as well as specific manufacturing processes to produce its furniture. This means that it is natural for the color and texture of this wood design to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

                    The skai® Sonoma Oak foil was developed in response to the high demand for rustic 3D textures and the trend towards particularly rough-sawn woods. A wood surface is referred to as rough-sawn if it is not smoothened by sanding and/or planing after cutting. As a result, it feels rough and coarse, has a matte sheen, and a rustic and traditional appearance due to differences in height and depth in the saw marks.

                    The design is based on American oak and convinces with subtle planking pattern and a balanced, interesting play of colors. Other typical features of this design are the negative pores, typical wood details such as medullary rays, planing marks and transverse saw marks.

                    Sonoma Oak furniture foil in bright

                    Ever wondered about the difference between European and American oak? American oak has a slightly rougher wood texture than European oak. This detail creates a very unique character in terms of the look and feel of the particular piece of furniture. The Sonoma Oak bright wood look is one of the brighter color variants and is available in bright, natural and light.

                    In addition to the Sonoma Oak furniture foil, Continental also carries the skai® Artisan Oak furniture foil. The design launched in 2019 impresses with its realistic look as well as its amazing liveliness. Bright natural shades and a fine-pored grain pattern with narrow latewood lines and dark branch knots result in a noble look that appears particularly stylish and elegant in combination with matt plain surfaces. Through targeted finishing of structural timber, an honest and authentic old-wood character was created. The foil thus provides a warm contrast to the industrial look.

                    Sonoma Oak furniture foil, truffle

                    The fact that Sonoma oak also works in the medium to dark color range for a rustic ambience is proven by the furniture foil in the truffle color tone. Here, the increased contrast in the wood features also provides a corresponding contrast within the decor. As a color, truffle is especially effective in combination with beige, gray and brown tones, but is equally suitable for an interplay with colorful accents.

                    Kitchen cabinets with skai® Sonoma Oak bright
                    Kitchen cabinets with skai® Sonoma Oak truffle

                    Areas of application of the Sonoma Oak furniture film

                    The skai® foil in the colors Sonoma Oak truffle or Sonoma Oak bright is suitable for a variety of applications. Whether it’s a floating door wardrobe in the bedroom, a complete living room set or a full kitchen design, this furniture foil looks great both as a solo artist or as a team player in conjunction with solid colors. Please note that this foil is not suitable for end users and is not self-adhesive.


                    Special features of the Sonoma Oak furniture foil

                    For the perfect piece of furniture, it is not only the appearance, such as the color or a certain grain that plays an important role. The feel as well as technical aspects also have an influence on whether a cabinet or chest of drawers can convince on all levels. This is where Continental demonstrates its expertise with the skai® Sonoma Oak furniture foil because the foil mimics the original so well that the surface feels like real wood. In other words: it feels rough, as if the piece of furniture had been freshly sawed.

                    Exactly this touch of originality is precisely what is desired and in no way represents a mark of inferior furniture. Quite the opposite, in fact! It combines the natural beauty of real wood with all the advantages of a foil. Because real wood is very demanding in terms of maintenance. With the Sonoma Oak foil, Continental has developed a surface material that can rival real wood, while being all-round easy to clean and maintain.

                    skai® Sonoma Oak

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