Artificial leather – breathable and air permeable: laif® VyP

The new material laif® VyP belongs to the next generation of breathable, air permeable upholstery materials. The innovative hybrid material of vinyl and polyurethane makes use of their best characteristics: the softness of the surface and the durability of the material.


Artificial leather: high-quality alternative to genuine leather

With our high-quality upholstery materials, you can’t go wrong. Whether with an amazingly realistic leather look, metallic gloss, or textile look. With no animal components, we manufacture upholstery materials that represent a true alternative to genuine leather.


Manufacture and composition of artificial leather

Only raw materials are used that do not contain any common solvents and are based on high-quality, aqueous PU systems and finishes to create the breathable artificial leather laif® VyP. As a hybrid material, the new product combines the characteristics of vinyl and polyurethane and thus giving you the best of both worlds. On one hand, it is long-lasting, wear-resistant, and robust, on the other, the new material is extremely comfortable, soft to the touch, and elegant. This makes laif® VyP suitable for a host of applications. With sustainable ingredients such as water-based finish and PU components and a resource-conserving, energy-efficient manufacturing process, the material is also thoroughly sustainable and has a green footprint.

Numerous color variations of laif® VyP

laif® VyP represents a milestone in the history of the surface specialist. The innovation bundles the know-how from six decades. Continental has been marketing high-quality upholstery fabrics for every conceivable application under the skai® brand since 1958. laif® VyP marks a highlight in this development. With its classic leather grain and a wide range of colors, laif® VyP opens up new possibilities for the furniture market.


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Characteristics of breathable artificial leather

laif® VyP stands out with excellent characteristics and advantages such as breathability, air and water-vapor permeability, and softness. It has already been used in THE PIONEER Concept Car. There, the seat surfaces and lower side sections of the backs consist of the innovative material. It is also ideally suited for all other types of chairs and couches.


Thanks to its breathable surface, laif® VyP sets new standards for comfort. No matter how long you sit, it isn’t sticky or unpleasant.


Air and water permeability

laif® VyP is air and water-vapor permeable. It makes sitting more comfortable than ever before.


Softness of the surface

laif® VyP is particularly comfortable to sit on due to its extremely soft, supple surface. It maintains its pleasant feel even after extended sitting.


Leather look

The high-quality look and the feel of the upholstery material are part of the reason that laif® VyP is used on a variety of furniture and always looks good. Its genuine leather look and particularly pleasant feel combine a high-quality “look and feel” with a high degree of functionality.

Application areas of breathable artificial leather

Anywhere people sit for an extended period of time, seating furniture with the upholstery material laif® VyP offers excellent comfort and are particularly well suited. Such as in conference centers, in movie theaters, in hotel lobbies, or in offices. laif® VyP is also particularly well suited for use in restaurant and trendy bars. laif® VyP is also used in VIP-lounges. Extended sitting does not become uncomfortable but becomes a pleasure. Whether in the ice-cream parlor, your favorite Italian restaurant, at the movies, or a trendy bar: Anywhere people sit for an extended period of time, laif® VyP demonstrates its excellent comfort characteristics. The breathable surface prevents unpleasant sweating on seating furniture in offices, conference rooms, or cars, which can otherwise occur during extended sitting in the summer heat.

Advantages of breathable artificial leather

laif® VyP is characterized by a variety of advantages such as durability and robustness. In addition, the breathable artificial leather is very easy to clean and maintain. Like all skai® upholstery materials, the product is flexible, adaptable, and particularly easy to use. For furniture designers and interior decorators, the product creates a great deal of design freedom because it can be formed to the tightest radii.


High quality

The excellent, technical characteristics of laif® VyP ensure a long useful life for the artificial leathers and therefore a very high quality of the product.



The durability of the material is outstanding. Sitting furniture is often pushed to its limits due to the constant stress over the years. With laif® VyP, surfaces look good even after many years.



The material is tearproof, durable, highly abrasion-resistant, and easy to clean.

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