Continental shows its colors and becomes a partner of the Colornetwork® 

Continental is part of the Colornetwork® | Sustainable faux leather skai® Evida come closer!

Colors speak their own language, they create worlds, expand horizons, influence moods and emotions. The Colornetwork® is dedicated to all these dimensions. Every year, the alliance of renowned manufacturers creates a new color composite that extends across a diverse range of products. Now Continental is also part of this creative network. 

Whether rose-colored glasses or a black outlook – almost everyone knows these terms. What they both describe perfectly is the power of colors. Emotions or special social spheres are immediately associated with many of them. Thus, green often stands for the environment and sustainability, white for innocence and red for love. Colornetwork® is also dedicated to this deeper psychology of colors.   

Initiated by Katrin de Louw, who has already successfully established servicepoint A30 as a trend forum at the center of the German furniture industry in East Westphalia, the Colornetwork® positions itself as a young and growing network of renowned manufacturers that offers a new color composite across many different products every year, while at the same time committing to product transparency. This means that planners, builders or architects can, among other things, track exactly where and how the product was produced.  

Every year, Colornetwork® selects a new “Sustained Color” through an independent as well as high-caliber panel of experts consisting of interior designers, product designers and trend experts. The objective is to create timeless colors that can be combined harmoniously with each other time and again by means of different products such as lamps, textiles or furniture.   

This year, Continental is also part of this creative alliance for the first time, once again impressively demonstrating both the technology corporation’s design expertise and its flair for trends.

“I am delighted that, as a partner at Colornetwork, we will be working even more closely with Katrin de Louw as a trend expert, as well as cooperating with other partners and professionals in the field of interior design. The network enables us to address our target groups in an even better and coordinated manner and thus strengthen our image as a trendsetter in the interior sector,” explains Elmar Zschau, Manager Architect Relations at Continental.   

Come closer and learn more about skai® Evida come closer!

„come closer!“ – a color conquers the world of interior design

The Colornetwork® color released this year is called  “come closer!” – a muted nude shade that combines all the colors of the color wheel and has been mixed in a complementary way. Due to the high white and gray content, the “Sustained Color No. 7” is both androgynous and elegant, but at the same time expresses the longing for interpersonal closeness, contact and security that can be felt in society.  

“With 'come closer!' materials come alive in a unique way. In doing so, the stunning personality of this color development creates an unmistakable statement for space, product and surface. Its extravagant ambivalence is extremely multifaceted and surprises even professionals with its versatility in the mix of materials,” the expert panel sums up.

Continental gives expression to the color, which creates closeness and intimacy, with the bio-artificial leather skai® Evida come closer!, whose surface impresses with its varied leather grain and flattering feel. However, the material also scores sustainable points with inner values beyond its color tone, as it consists of 80% natural and renewable raw materials. Elmar Zschau on the special advantages of membership in the Colornetwork:

“With the partnership in the Colornetwork, our creative target group receives double added value with the color 'come closer!' Not only can it use a sustainable color in color association with other partners, but it can also – and I say this with a lot of pride – use our most sustainable product, skai® Evida, to meet current and future material requirements.”  

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