Expert Panel raumprobe Stuttgart July 21, 2021- Headquarter Continental & Corporate Architecture

Exceptional architecture combined with unusual materials: this is Continental’s new corporate headquarters. The event not only answers the question of whether artificial leather merely imitates leather, but also explains the many advantages of synthetic skai® upholstery materials – and not only in Continental’s own headquarters, but in many other sophisticated buildings as well.

Hardly any material has developed like this in recent years: completely flexible in color and structure, soft to the touch with an impermeable surface, breathable, flame-resistant, antibacterial, robust and durable. In addition to technical achievements such as “cool colors” – an integrated air conditioning unit – more and more sustainable materials are also being used, with focus to on a resource-efficient manufacturing process.

The skai® brand name is part of the Continental universe. Founded in 1871 as a rubber factory, and renowned as a tire manufacturer, Continental is now the world’s second-largest automotive supplier after Bosch. Following a brief introduction to the Continental product, skai® artificial leather, the architects of Continental’s new company headquarters will provide some insights into the global group’s new headquarters in Hanover, Germany. Munich-based Christian Bechtle from Henn will give a presentation on the conceptual design and architecture. Afterwards, Peter Ippolito will speak about the building’s interior design.

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