Tatjana Kempf

Our new star among upholstery fabrics: skai® VyP Lana gives furniture new dimensions in seating comfort & design!

What distinguishes the sitting feeling with upholstery materials of the future? You can speculate. Or you can simply take a closer look at our innovative upholstery fabric skai® VyP Lana – and enjoy the comfort of sitting. What makes it the new star? Briefly, skai® VyP Lana with laif technology impresses all along the line and sets new standards in comfort and sustainability – high performance design for seating.

High performance design – through trendy pastel shades

Visually, skai® VyP Lana impresses with its finely grained leather appearance and soft touch in trendy pastel shades for modern feel-good interior design. Not surprisingly, skai® VyP Lana has already been awarded the Red Dot 2021, the German Innovation Award and the interzum Award 2021.

Maximum comfort – through perfect functionality

The secret of skai® VyP Lana with laif technology. A breathable hybrid upholstery material made of vinyl and PU, produced in Germany with sustainable ingredients in a resource-saving manner, skai® VyP Lana is a real highlight in sustainability, durability, breathability and seating comfort. Because the laif technology makes skai® VyP Lana permeable to air and water vapor. This means that particularly when sitting for a longer period, the material feels just wonderful – whether in the office, at home, in a lobby, at conferences or in a restaurant.

Sitting is believing!

Discover our all-round impressive high-performance upholstery fabric skai® VyP Lana with all your senses – and experience how sitting can be wellbeing!

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