Expressive Trio

Sustainability, trend awareness, comfort – many aspects play a role in the development of surface materials. With the new products skai® Evida Fiber, skai® Tovosoft EN and skai® Totexo EN, Continental is giving them expression in an extremely innovative, environmentally conscious and stylish way.

The appearance: fascinating. The feel: so soft that you are happy to stay seated for longer. And the inner values: forward-looking and responsible. With the three new surfaces skai® Evida Fiber, skai® Tovosoft EN and skai® Totexo EN, Continental is preparing to inspire with new, innovative materials and thus expand the design horizons of architects, planners and interior designers. And not just with regard to sustainable constituents, but above all in terms of exciting new structures and embossing as well as spacy-futuristic colors. Curious? Then read on now!

More nature than with skai® Evida Fiber? Almost impossible!

Sustainable artificial leather – for a long time an almost impossible task, but now a reality thanks to the upholstery fabric skai® Evida Fiber. Why? More than 90 percent of the product components are based on natural and renewable raw materials. It is not for nothing that the vegan material bears the Oeko-Tex seal in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. It is a milestone in surface development, because even common plasticizers are replaced in the manufacturing process by alternatives based on renewable raw materials. The functional qualities of the upholstery fabric include high abrasion and disinfectant resistance, easy-care and tear resistance, freedom from phthalates and fastness to light. In total, this all leads to a significantly higher durability of the artificial leather.

But enough about the inner values: what does skai® Evida Fiber look and feel like? The short answer: simply the best! The material skillfully plays out its charm visually. The special fiber structure underlines the sustainability aspect. Therefore, also thanks to a wide range of colors, every object becomes an eye-catcher. And that with a pleasantly soft feel. Stylistically, the innovative material belongs to the “ECO” chapter – one of the three key topics of Continental’s current trend book „Global Fusion“ – which is expressed through a strong reflection on nature.

Ultrasoft – like being on a bed of clouds

If we stick to the trends presented in “Global Fusion,” the upholstery fabric skai® Tovosoft EN clearly belongs to the “SOUL” topic. This chapter in the Trend Book focuses on people with their emotions and desire for slowing down. It is quite clear that the aspect of well-being plays an important role. And here the name says it all, because the artificial leather not only has a high functionality, but above all is incredibly comfortable. True to the motto: soft, softer, skai® Tovosoft EN The soft feel is achieved by a voluminous flow effect created with the aid of a fascinating honeycomb structure. The result: the material invites you to touch and relax. But be careful: some people may not want to stand up again.

Visually, skai® Tovosoft EN harmonizes perfectly with the feel. This means that the color range is soft and focuses on nude, beige and earth tones, which emphasize the natural sensuality of the material and thus bring calm and serenity to interior design.

And the inner values of the artificial leather are also convincing: with a high abrasion resistance, fastness to light and freedom from phthalates as well as flame retardancy, the material is also suitable for a wide range of different applications thanks to an extremely tear-resistant textile substrate made of recycled polyester fibers, the feel-good factor is preprogrammed.

Welcome to the Future


“And last but not least”: skai® Totexo EN as the third product in the trio of innovations. As a material, it breaks new ground visually. How? With a textile grain that, thanks to its fascinating matt-gloss effect, creates an elegant look with a technical-futuristic appeal. Accordingly the color range is electrifying and spacey – perfect for bringing a touch of tomorrow into today’s interior design. With these characteristics, the surface fits ideally with the “TECH” chapter within the “Global Fusion” trend book, because here a look into the future is taken: dazzling, dramatic, vitalizing.

If skai® Totexo EN is definitely a little “out of the box” visually, it presents itself as absolutely down-to-earth in terms of content. Thus, it convinces with a high abrasion resistance as well as fastness to light and freedom from phthalates. This product also benefits from an extremely tear-resistant textile substrate made from recycled polyester fibers. In total, all these aspects ensure that this futuristic material will continue to look like new for a long time to come.


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