Patrick Holz
Product Manager

skai® Salazar - Classic inspiration given a modern interpretation

With skai® Salazar, Continental presents a stone decor that harmoniously combines the design classics marble, limestone, granite and dolomite. A decor that nonetheless will not appear heavy or oppressive.

The new interpretation of timeless types of stone looks completely realistic, as if the stone has been chiseled, worked and refined. It’s as though this combination was created by nature and perfected over centuries.

skai® Salazar is currently available in four colors – ceramic, rust, lava, and comet grey. This creates a wide range of potential applications and combinations. The decor proves itself an all-rounder when mixed with the usual furniture materials, and particularly when combined with trendy plain colors or materials such as wood and metal. Whether it’s retro flair, industrial chic or modern style, skai® Salazar​​​​​​​ is the perfect partner for creating a look with recognition value.