Reinterpreting sustainability – with the first upholstery fabric to contain coffee!

skai® VyP Coffee with laif® technology – surface material made from coffee grounds

Sustainability means setting the course for the future today with innovative, forward-looking and durable products. An example of this is the innovative skai<sup>®</sup> VyP Coffee with _laif_ technology – the first breathable artificial leather made with coffee grounds as raw material.

While others are still staring into the bottom of their coffee cups, we are already looking to the future, offering our customers skai® VyP Coffee, an innovative, breathable surface material that is made using coffee grounds and thus consists of 65% recycled, natural raw materials. It is well known that Germany is a nation of coffee drinkers, resulting in a high volume of coffee grounds as a natural waste product – and this is precisely what we use to make skai® VyP Coffee. One square meter of the upholstery fabric contains the powder of approximately three cups of coffee.

This in turn means a triple plus in terms of sustainability: recycling coffee grounds as a raw material avoids waste, reduces the production of the greenhouse gases methane and carbon dioxide, and replaces conventional chemical raw materials with natural ones. The fact is that skai® VyP Coffee with _laif_ technology scores high not only in terms of sustainability, but also durability, ease of care and optimum seating comfort, thanks to its breathability, soft feel and attractive appearance. It therefore goes without saying that the next cup of coffee is guaranteed to taste even better when you are seated on a chair upholstered with skai® Coffee!

Get to know the new skai® VyP Coffee here


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