skai® Paratexa NF

skai® Paratexa NF artificial leather in a hotel bar

skai® Paratexa NF

Is it a textile upholstery fabric? No. Does the material still offer the flattering seating comfort and cozy ambience of textile upholstery? Yes, definitely! After all, it’s skai® Paratexa NF, Continental’s premium upholstery fabric made of polyvinylchloride with cotton content. The innovative material from the leading manufacturer of synthetic upholstery fabrics is the first choice for sophisticated commercial design: Authentic, elegant, robust, easy to clean, resistant to disinfectants, and with certified flame retardant standard B1. With its amazingly realistic surface structure, skai® Paratexa NF is just as suitable for airport lounges as it is for hotels or for medical and therapeutic facilities.



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                skai® Paratexa NF – The artificial leather with a textile character for a range of different applications

                One brand, countless applications: High-quality skai® artificial leather not only perfectly imitates the look and feel of real leather, but also replicates textile upholstery materials with amazing attention to detail. Versatile skai® Paratexa NF mimics the fabric structure of cotton upholstery covers and provides cozy seating and lounge comfort wherever a pure leather look might seem too cool. skai® Paratexa NF is particularly impressive in the commercial sector, where outstanding performance features are essential. The material with a backing layer of cotton (15%) and a coating of polyvinylchloride (85%) shines in practical use with extreme durability (100,000 Martindale rubs). Its long service life, pleasantly soft feel and ease of processing when cutting, sewing and laminating are also impressive. The imitation leather with textile structure is also particularly flame retardant (B1 flame retardant standard).


                Seating in a hotel lobby with skai® Paratexa NF rose

                Commercial fit-outs

                The high-quality material skai® Paratexa NF is suitable for almost all areas of interior application, from hospitality to public areas and healthcare to residential and retail. The trendy collection and extensive colors from gray nuances to various shades of brown and restrained shades of blue, green and red ensures that absolutely every designer will find the right thing. In short, there is almost no application or object area in which the design of skai® Paratexa NF does not cut an outstanding figure.


                High-quality properties of skai® Paratexa NF

                Excellent everyday suitability in processing and use are further outstanding features of skai® Paratexa NF. The artificial leather in textile look is REACH-compliant, lightfast, vegan, tear-resistant, durable, as well as resistant to abrasion, blood, urine and disinfectant. This is why it is popular wherever high user frequency and hard use are expected. Gentle cleaning of the upholstery fabric is quite straightforward with a suitable cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloth. This makes skai® Paratexa NF the ideal upholstery fabric, for example, for the catering and healthcare sectors.


                Sofa and armchair with skai® Paratexa NF

                B1 flame-retardant

                For numerous commercial applications in areas accessible to the public, upholstery covers are subject to more stringent requirements in terms of flame retardancy. That is why skai® Paratexa NF has been subjected to the toughest flame tests. Meeting the B1 flame retardant standard, skai® Paratexa NF is predestined for lounges and waiting areas, theaters, convention centers, clinics and much more. Specifically, skai® Paratexa complies with the B1, AM18, BS5852-IS 0, BS5852-IS 1, BS5852-IS 5, Class Uno IM, DIN 13501-1 B- s3 d0, DIN EN4102-B1, DIN EN4102-B2, EN1021-1, EN1021-2, MVSS302, NF M2, ÖNORM 3800, IMO FTPC 8 flame retardancy standards. We will of course be happy to provide proof of the relevant certificates.


                Order free samples of skai® Paratexa NF artificial leather now!

                Whether for seats, furniture, room elements or much more: Discover the versatility of skai® Paratexa NF, the amazingly realistic and technically outstanding artificial leather with soft feel and detailed textile structure. Whether you need color samples, individual test quantities or professional tips on cleaning with suitable care products, our surface specialists look forward to hearing from you.



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