skai® Faux Leather - cleaning & maintenance

Faux Leather – Cleaning and Maintenance

Its composition makes artificial leather much less susceptible to soiling than natural leathers. Grease, water or juice spots – all the things that will almost certainly ruin sensitive real leather are generally harmless for easy-to-clean artificial leather. Even so, depending on the type of use, we recommend regularly cleaning skai® artificial leather surfaces – or disinfecting them if their use requires.

The brochure on cleaning and maintaining upholstery materials tells you what you need to bear in mind for many trouble-free years of enjoyment with your skai® artificial leather surfaces.

How do you clean artificial leather properly?

As a general rule, you should always remove impurities on skai® artificial leather as quickly as possible. Substances that have dried on or worked in over an extended period are very stubborn and take effort to clean. Use a warm, mild soapy solution and a damp microfiber or cotton cloth. For heavier soiling, you can also use a soft hand brush, applying as little pressure as possible. Important: When using normal commercial cleaners, always follow the manufacturer’s dosing instructions and test the cleaner on a non-critical area.

Do not use cleaners which contain oil or grease. In principle, skai® artificial leather can even be cleaned in the washing machine at low temperatures, although we do not recommend this. Dry cleaning is totally unsuitable for skai® artificial leather.

skai_ artificial leather surfaces are not resistant to solvents, chlorides, polishing agents, cleaning polish and aerosol sprays. For particularly high resistance to soiling, use special skai® artificial leathers such as skai® Toronto EN with staynu-technology.

 skai® Cleaning Kit for surface material
 Cleaning of artificial leather

How do I remove stains from artificial leather?

The following cleaning instructions apply to all skai® artificial leather materials, regardless of color and purpose.
To remove stains on skai® artificial leather you need:

1 - skai® cleaner or a mild soapy solution
2 - sponge (for light to medium soiling)
3 - soft hand brush (for heavy soiling)
4 - microfiber or cotton cloth
5 - clean water


Cleaning Procedure

1 - Spray cleaning agent directly onto the surface of the material and leave it to work for a few seconds before cleaning.

2 - Work the cleaning agent in evenly with a sponge or brush, using light pressure.

3 - Then wipe off the wet surface with a dry microfiber or cotton cloth.

4 - Finally, carefully remove any remaining cleaner with a clean, damp microfiber or cotton cloth and plenty of clean water.

For particularly stubborn soiling, repeat the procedure until the soiling has been completely removed.

NB: In the worst case, poor or incorrectly performed cleaning can irreparably damage the surface. Such damage appears as a hardened, cracked or brittle coating.

Can artificial leather be disinfected?

Regular surface disinfecting is mandatory, particularly for artificial leather for medical areas and other hygienically sensitive applications. There are specialized skai® artificial leather variants for such applications, which do not lose any of their product properties even with regular disinfection.

skai® disinfectant recommendation for faux leather

skai® disinfectant recommendation

As with normal cleaning, it is important to always observe the manufacturer’s recommendations when disinfecting. For disinfecting skai® artificial leather and other surfaces, please consult the skai® disinfectant recommendation.


Care of skai® artificial leather

How do you maintain artificial leather correctly?

For everyday maintenance, it is usually sufficient to wipe off skai® artificial leather regularly with a damp cotton or microfiber cloth. You can also use a mild soap solution. Unlike real leather, special hide food is not necessary to keep skai® artificial leather smooth and beautiful for a long time.



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