skai® Furniture Foil in Black and Anthracite for Furniture Manufacturers

Modern Furniture Surfaces – With skai® Furniture Foil for Furniture Manufacturers in Black and Anthracite

In the world of furniture design for interior use, the current trend of intense, expressive plain colors is set to continue. These colors exude classic and timeless elegance – and are a universal element in interior design. With that, furniture surfaces in stylish black and anthracite classic plain colors are in high demand. With the skai® furniture foils, these colors imbue furniture with a classic, elegant look and offer customers high-quality surfaces with extremely impressive quality and durability. Use your own ideas with skai® decorative foils in black, anthracite and graphite to design and put the finishing touch on furniture surfaces – with results plain to see in every way.

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skai® Foils in Black for Upscale Furniture Finishing

skai® furniture foils in plain black colors with varied looks (matte or with structure) provide you the freedom to design contemporary, timeless furniture surfaces for interior use with focus on specific target groups. This will enable you to respond to demand and trends of an upscale, elegant sense of living and lifestyle in residential interior design, the upmarket object segment and use in the high-end commercial sector.

Wall Design for Residential Use

As a manufacturer and designer of walls for residential properties, you need decorative foil with impressive aesthetics, quality and workability. The skai® foils in black and anthracite designs are your first choice because they are 2D and 3D conformable, long-lasting, hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

Foils in Anthracite for Object Design

The versatile skai® 3D foil in attractive soft matte and structured looks in anthracite is ideal for the finishing touch on all types of wood materials used in object design, as it has been developed for industrial use and is ideally suited for production. This way, you can create surfaces that are not only very pleasant to the touch, but also provide a visual accent.

Special Structures of Furniture Foil

You can use skai® furniture foil with the authentic wood look and expressive structured unis in a matte or shiny finish to design modern surfaces that create an upscale feeling of living and factor in customer wishes for individualized interior design.

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