skai® Furniture Foil Maple

skai® Furniture Foil maple

skai® Furniture Foil Maple

The skai® furniture foils not only look good, but with their 2D- and 3D-formable surface, they also naturally feel exciting. In particular, the three-dimensional foils, with the embossing adapted to the type of wood, are particularly popular due to their durability and resistance. Whether in modern furniture fronts in the kitchen and bathroom, or in the use of modern object design. Maple is still a very popular type of wood worldwide. We offer a wide range of vinyl furniture foils in a maple look. The durable materials stand for quality and durability.


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                    Furniture Foils for Production of Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room and Bedroom Furniture

                    The versatile furniture foils by Continental in high-quality, real-wood appearance ennoble kitchen furniture as well as bathroom, living room and bedroom furniture. Years ago, this market was dominated by the high-gloss surfaces, but the trend toward natural materials such as wood or stone is now a reality. Rustic surfaces with wood decorative foils are nowadays more in demand than ever before. Comfortable wood decorative foils are more authentic and lifelike than ever before. In parallel with the decorative foils, the Continental Design Center develops fine embossing structures that are perfectly matched to the decorative foils. The structures based on natural wood have numerous details such as a multi-stage pore formation, finest drawings in the flowers, and more detailed, natural features. The furniture surfaces of Continental are characterized by their great natural look and pure elegance.

                    Kitchen Fronts

                    With our innovative furniture foil, kitchen fronts get an especially high-quality appearance. Combined with trendy unicolor surfaces, polished in matte or metallic, the result is a very harmonious overall impression. Though our high-quality materials can be used not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom, in the living room, or in the bedroom.

                    Kitchen Cabinets

                    Interior designers, furniture manufacturers, interior decorators and furniture designers can always be inspired by modern designs and structures in the appropriate trendy colors of our materials. Thus they design modern kitchen cabinets, chests of drawers and all furniture parts for box furniture. Therefore, the demand for easy-to-clean wood imitations continues to increase.

                    Industrial Surface Finishing of Wood-based Materials

                    With our furniture decorative foil and the large selection of Maple wood finishes, as well as coordinated structures, we make it easy for the furniture manufacturer. The versatile possibilities offered by the surface refinement offer furniture designers and planners every freedom in designing.

                    Special Features of the Furniture Foil Maple

                    Regardless of whether the high-quality foils are used in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room or in the bathroom, processors and end users alike benefit from the outstanding properties that the materials bring. They are scratch-resistant, easy to clean, 2D- and 3D-formable and water-repellent. Interior designers and planners help them shape space in a holistic way.

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                    Kitchen unit with furniture foil in maple look Kitchen unit with furniture foil in maple look Kitchen unit with furniture foil in maple look Kitchen unit with furniture foil in maple look


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