skai® Wood Effect Furniture Foil

Synthetic wood effect skai® furniture foils are superior to real-wood surfaces in many respects: they enable a consistently uniform look without undesirable flaws, come in an inexhaustible variety of decors and surface finishes and are resistant to scratches, stains and darkening. For production at furniture manufacturers, simple processing and practical design matching are an advantage, customers need not fear any deviations when repurchasing, to name just a few benefits. In short: skai® wood effect furniture foils are the flexible choice for high-quality furniture "better than the original."

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Use of the skai® wood effect furniture foil

skai® furniture foil is extremely versatile. The elegant wood effects enhance kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom furniture, kitchen cabinets, chests of drawers and beds, for example. The 2D and 3D-formable furniture foils in modern and classic designs exude a high-quality, natural flair without the problematic properties of real wood.

Furniture Foils for Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Furniture

The high-quality wood decors of the skai® furniture foils not only look amazingly authentic, they also feel extremely vivid thanks to their refined surface coating. This is extremely important, because appearance and feel are always perceived together and make a decisive contribution to the feel-good ambiance. skai® wood-effect decorative films are designed for box furniture and kitchen cabinets, bedroom and bathroom furniture. In the home, the hotel industry and gastronomy as well as for attractive interior design in the public sector.

Use of the wood-effect furniture foil in object design and surface finishing

Furniture manufacturers and interior designers of trendy living and commercial objects are increasingly designing furniture and rooms with skai® furniture foil in imitation wood. This is not least because, for the purpose of genuine all-in-one room solutions for furniture foils, Continental also offers upholstery surfaces and floor planks that harmonize perfectly in terms of their print, color, and structure. This enables interior designers and planners to implement perfectly coordinated room concepts across all trades that exude style and professionalism. And consistently convince with outstanding cost-effectiveness.   

Available in all common wood decors

Continental has a broad portfolio of skai® wood-effect vinyl furniture foils. These durable furniture surfaces available in all common types of wood: maple, acacia, apple, birch, pear, beech, Douglas fir, oak, alder, ash, chestnut, pine, cherry, larch, lime, mahogany, macassar ebony, walnut, olive, stone pine, elm, wenge, zebrawood, cedar and plum.

skai® wood-effect furniture foils protect the environment

The protection of nature is also an important argument in favor of synthetic skai® furniture foils. After all, they also mimic the unique look and feel of endangered or protected precious woods without a guilty conscience. Experts know that the doubts still held by many laypersons regarding wood-effect synthetic furniture foils have long since been dispelled. On the contrary, even for experienced connoisseurs, the naturalness, look and feel of the decorative foils is hardly distinguishable from real wood surfaces.

Special Features of skai® Wood Effect Furniture Foil

Our foils are characterized by outstanding technical values. They are scratch-resistant and easy to clean, and are therefore perfectly suited for living areas, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. They are also an attractive and cost-effective alternative for commercial fit-outs.

Applying Wood Effect skai® Furniture Foil

skai® wood effect structured foils are thermoplastic vinyl foils that are applied to MDF substrates, reconstituted wood panels and comparable materials using thermoforming presses. Processing is also possible on jacketing and surface laminating systems. This flexibility opens up a wide range of application options for the entire interior. 

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Furniture foil in a wood look in the kitchen
New Grey wood-effect furniture foil on the front of the shelf
Wood-effect furniture foil for kitchen furniture
Furniture foil in a wood look in the kitchen
New Grey wood-effect furniture foil on the front of the shelf
Wood-effect furniture foil for kitchen furniture