skai® Furniture Foil in White and Light Beige

As one of the leading surface specialists, Continental repeatedly proves that good, high-quality design makes the difference. In the case of furniture foil, we continue to see natural rusticity in an antique appearance on all fronts, with the strong demand for wood decorative foils playing a major role. The oak tree is still a trend, but we also see walnut on the rise. In addition to the woods, a large selection of foils in unicolor with high-quality skai® properties can also be ordered. Our furniture foil for jacketing and flat lamination of wood-based substrates is available in many appealing white and light beige tones. The colors also show a natural wood appearance, such as for Classico Beech, ash or Cremona Oak as well as Unidesign, such as Colore Classico, Opaco and colore structure in white, polar or ivory.

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Furniture Foil for Object Furnishing

With its value-giving appearance and feel, the expressive Continental furniture foil in white fits perfectly into exclusive living environments and stylish object furnishings. The numerous varieties allow furniture manufacturers and designers to always create new and inspiring living areas.

Individual Wall Design

The skai® materials can be used to make individual living dreams come true. The furniture foil in white and light beige is used for refining wood-based materials and is therefore also very well suited as a jacket for wall elements, whether in an exclusive living space or upscale property. The high-quality structures from the structure range set an accent. Please keep in mind that our furniture foil is not suitable for end users. 

High-quality Furniture Design

Thanks to the versatile possibilities for processing the innovative skai® furniture foil, furniture makers and creatives have all the freedom. It can be used universally in 2D and 3D, regardless of whether the furniture shape is voluminously curved or reduced in a straight line. The foil can be easily integrated into any shape and design language for furniture and its components. Different foil thicknesses are available depending on embossing, print and design. 

Different Gloss Levels of the Furniture Foils in White and Light Beige

The high-quality foils are available in the gloss levels semi-gloss, matte and standard. Depending on the structure and gloss level of the surface, the furniture has very different accents.

White Furniture Foil in Matte

An example for matte foils in white or light beige are the high-quality printed surfaces of the Sanremo softwhite structure and the Santana Oak limestone structure in oak appearance. Of course, there are a lot of other, easy-to-clean wood products and unifoils in the furniture foils category, such as the Sahara stone look in quartz color. 


In the gloss level semi-gloss, Continental has a wide range of foils in white and light beige. Monochromatic tones such as cream-white, vanilla or silverline are available as well as unusual structures, such as the colore magic structure mother of pearl or the Acacia structure in whitewashed color. The foils can be adapted to any measure.

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