skai® Faux Leather black & anthracite

Faux leather by skai® in black and anthracite

Some people love any color – as long as it's black. This is understandable, because black contains all the other colors and is easy to combine. Black is form-flattering, looks sophisticated and doesn't show dirt. This doesn't only apply to clothing, but also to furniture and room elements. Whether it’s a club chair, cantilever chair or car interior, upholstery coverings made from skai® in black and anthracite cut an outstanding figure anywhere.


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                Areas of Application for skai® Artificial Leather in Black & Anthracite

                Create fascinating interior worlds with irresistible appeal using skai® artificial leathers in black and anthracite. With skai® faux leathers, almost anything is possible: you can sew, glue or otherwise process our upholstery fabrics to lend any piece of furniture or surface that special look.

                Gastronomy and hotel furnishings are significantly enhanced with skai® artificial leather. skai® is used in hotels, bars and lounges, for example as faux leather for furniture in sofas, armchairs, cushions, chairs and seats. In the office and at home as well, on living room and bedroom furniture, skai® artificial leather works a treat. Applications including night consoles, executive armchairs, couch sets, cantilever chairs, office chairs, stools or upholstered beds are all conceivable.

                Black and Anthracite Faux Leather in skai® for Furniture and Commercial Fit-outs

                If the material needs to be better than genuine leather, then leave it to skai®: The versatile skai® artificial leather in black and anthracite, with spectacular grains, pleasant feel and outstanding performance features, are increasingly the first choice for furniture and fit-outs in home, mobility, hospitality, leisure, health and many other applications. In combination with our faux leather in white and faux leather in red, striking contrasts can be created.

                Leading Product Innovations from Vegan to Indestructible

                Around the world, wherever contemporary design and reliable material properties are required in residential and commercial buildings, skai® artificial leather in black and anthracite is present. Our materials consistently pick up on trends as well as meeting manufacturer and consumer requirements. For example with skai® Pureto EN, our vegan artificial leather. Or with skai® Toronto EN and its resilient staynu coating for commercial fit-outs. 

                Select original skai® quality for your demanding application. Manufacturers and designers of living room and bedroom furniture, interior designers and interior decorators love to be inspired by the attractive designs, impressive textures and striking light effects – after all, not every black is alike.

                skai® Faux Leathers Ensure a Smart Look

                Be inspired by the diversity of our available artificial leather variants: 

                skai® Toronto EN with staynu technology has proven itself not only in commercial applications, but also in classics such as the black living-room sofa. A real workhorse is the breathable artificial leather covering laif VyP, which ensures long, pleasant sitting on office chairs. 

                skai® Tundra Carbon is particularly suitable as an exclusive wall covering as can be seen, for example, in the lobby of the Hotel Barceló Raval in the heart of Barcelona. 

                skai® Pureto EN, a high-quality PVC-free, PU-based upholstery cover for the hospitality, office, and public area segment, is also available in variants between black and anthracite. The sustainable, 100% vegan material is water-based and solvent-free, its texture is similar to calfskin and it has a pleasantly soft, cozy feel. Do you want to avoid getting all charged up? The conductive black skai® Mano S artificial leather is the best choice for preventing electrostatic charge. 

                skai® Faux Leather in Black & Anthracite: Easy-care and Resilient

                As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of foils, high-tech synthetics and artificial leather, Continental offers pioneering upholstery fabrics with maximum utility value for indoor and outdoor use. This applies in terms of comfort, robustness, ease of care and flame retardant properties, with some materials meeting the stringent B1 standard. Our bulk rolls for outdoor use are water-resistant and wipeable; commercially available cleaning agents are perfectly sufficient as care products. 

                Our new skai® Toronto EN artificial leather with innovative staynu technology is setting new standards for a flawless appearance under the most demanding conditions of use. This unique coating makes the surface more impervious to soiling and mechanical stress than any other artificial leather on the market. Even permanent marker can be removed without residues.

                Black and Anthracite Artificial Leather in Various Forms

                The skai® materials in black and anthracite leather appearance set exciting accents in residential and commercial buildings, whether matte or smooth, patterned or shiny metallic. In ostrich or crocodile skin look too, the bi-elastic as well as pleasantly thin skai® artificial leather cuts an impressive figure. Imitation rather than exploitation of nature, in conjunction with material properties that genuine leather cannot equal, this is the maxim when it comes to our synthetics. skai® artificial leather in black and anthracite are available as bulk rolls – or as an A4 sample.

                Request samples for your projects now

                See for yourself just how versatile, detailed, and convincing our _ska_ artificial leathers in black and anthracite can be. Request samples for your non-binding production enquiry today.

                Artificial leather from skai® in black and anthracite for contract furnishing and upholstered furniture Artificial leather from skai® in black and anthracite for contract furnishing and upholstered furniture


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