Kunstleder in schwarz & anthrazit
Kunstleder in schwarz & anthrazit für die Objektausstattung und Polstermöbel

Faux leather by skai® in black and anthracite

Our strength lies in producing attractive, innovative surfaces that transform simply living in a space into an emotional experience. Take a look for yourself at our impressive range of skai® synthetics for upholstered furniture, which are a real treat for the eyes and the fingertips, so you buy exactly the right product for your application. Furniture manufacturers and designers as well as interior designers and decorators find real inspiration in the attractive designs, strong structures and on-trend colors of our materials. Time and again, they use our products to conjure up irresistible, emotionally impactful living spaces. Through stitching, sticking or some other method, our upholstery fabrics lend any item of furniture a certain je ne sais quoi.

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Contract furnishing in black

Contract projects in the catering and hotel industries are taken to the next level using ® Kunstlederskai in black. skai®, for example, can be found in hotels, bars and lounges on couches, armchairs, cushions, beds, chairs and so on – regardless of whether the look was originally designed for a private home or the contract sector. Potential applications include nightstands, executive chairs, three-piece suites, cantilever chairs, office chairs, stools and upholstered beds. The high-quality skai® Tundra material, for example, is characterized above all by its striking embossed texture, which creates interesting and varying surface effects depending on the light. skai® Tundra is particularly well suited to all types of upholstery applications, the medical and physiotherapy sectors as well as bars and restaurants. The dark colors in particularly are especially effective in these settings. This on-trend technical surface is available in the striking embossed textures of Tundra Tec, Tundra Carbon and Tundra Point. skai® Tundra Carbon makes an ideal wall covering to create an air of luxury – as can be seen in, for example, the Barceló Raval. This 4-star hotel in the heart of Barcelona exudes urban, cosmopolitan design. And skai® Tundra Carbon can be found adorning the impressive lobby of this prestigious address.

Subline: Easy-clean material

As a world-leading manufacturer and marketer of foils, high-tech synthetics and artificial leathers, we offer upholstery fabrics that set standards for indoor and outdoor projects. Our materials offer impressive levels of comfort, robustness and ease of care. They are also flame-retardant, with some of them meeting even the strict requirements of the B1 standard. Our outdoor materials sold by the meter are water-resistant and wipe-clean. Standard detergents are all that are needed to keep them clean. If desired, the materials are also available in a self-adhesive version.

Black leather look and many other designs

Text: Black is a statement. Black stands for elegance. Black never goes out of fashion. Black is the sum of all colors. Containing all other colors within itself, it embodies any and all possibilities. Black strikes a strong contrast and is extremely versatile. But it is also stylish, elegant and timeless. The skai® materials in a black leather look add exciting natural highlights to residential and contract projects. What's more, the range of other designs available in shades of black and anthracite lend their surroundings a luxurious ambiance – whether matt, smooth, patterned or featuring a metallic sheen.

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Artificial leather by skai® in black and anthracite
Artificial leather by skai® in black and anthracite