Kunstleder in gelb & orange
Kunstleder in gelb und orange als trendige Polsterbezüge

skai® Faux leather in yellow and orange

With our on-trend cushion covers, we make sure visitors feel right at home wherever they are in the world with a winning combination of outstanding comfort, safety and coziness. Whether on headboards, armchairs or walls – skai® upholstery fabrics will enhance any setting.

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Furnishing properties with artificial leather in yellow and orange

In the upscale contract sector, walls or other large areas that are covered with skai® artificial leather in sunny, warm comforting shades of orange make a real impact. Available in on-trend designs, the material becomes an attractive and eye-catching feature in these settings. The welcoming yellow shades are especially popular in the fitness and care sectors. skai® Parotega NF in Mais and Mango, for example, is a hard-wearing upholstery fabric that is ideal for such applications. It is designed for universal use and is ideal for demanding contract projects in public buildings and institutions like nursing and retirement homes. Its tear strength and resistance to disinfectants make this furniture cover material incredibly durable and easy to care for. This fabric offers impressive levels of comfort and robustness and is, above all, highly flame-retardant – the innovative imitation leather version even fulfills the strict B1 standard. skai® Parotega NF is characterized by its classic leather grain. Its natural look and feel make it almost indistinguishable from genuine leather.

Properties of skai® leather

The exclusive look and comfortable feel of the artificial leather materials in yellow and orange are extremely impressive. skai® can be used in a wide range of applications, offers outstanding levels of robustness and durability and is extremely easy to care for.

Look and feel in perfect harmony

The look and feel of these innovative skai® synthetic leather materials are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The natural finishes perfectly mimic their genuine leather counterparts, with authentic embossed grains that make the materials not only almost indistinguishable from the real deal, but also irresistible to the touch. These stylish materials are a delight for the eyes and the fingertips. skai® Aliena is a luxurious material that is incredibly soft to the touch. Its ostrich leather look lends highly exclusive design highlights, enhancing the appearance of chairs or armchairs with a splash of yellow or orange in, for example, lobbies or restaurants. skai® cool colors Venezia, by contrast, is a sporty yet smart material that looks like fabric and, in the color Curry, lends its surroundings a sun-kissed look. Its sturdy surface makes it the ideal choice especially for outdoor applications.

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Artificial leather from skai® in yellow and orange for the cosmetic sector
Artificial leather from skai® in yellow and orange for upholstered furniture
Artificial leather from skai® in yellow and orange for the cosmetic sector
Artificial leather from skai® in yellow and orange for upholstered furniture