skai® Faux Leather for outdoors

skai® Outdoor faux leather

Outstanding skai® materials enable us to offer innovative upholstery fabrics for a variety of outdoor applications. skai® faux leather is the ideal choice for upholstering seating furniture. High-quality embossing styles give the surfaces a unique look.


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        Flame Retardancy

                Faux leather designed specially for outdoor applications

                Our portfolio also includes artificial leather with special properties for outdoor applications. skai® cool colors with the embossing Venezia and Valero, for example, is a high-quality upholstery fabric specially designed for outdoor use. Its surface keeps the upholstery material cool even in direct sunlight. Special cool colors pigments reflect up to 80% of near-infrared radiation, which reduces the heat build-up in the upholstery material by up to 25%. This innovative technology has already proved its worth in other areas such as convertible seat coverings or window frames, where it has been found that the darker the color, the greater the effect. Now, skai® cool colors means colorful synthetics spanning the entire spectrum can be used in outdoor applications – something that would once have been unthinkable due to the heat. Available in many on-trend colors, this material opens up a whole new world of possibilities for furniture designers to find that perfect outdoor shade. 

                Faux leather for use in outdoor furniture design

                Designers and furniture manufacturers buy the outdoor fabrics by the meter, using them to create high-quality furniture with a leather look or an imaginative design to be used outdoors, for example on terraces, balconies or around pools.

                Lounge furniture

                Our artificial leather transforms comfy lounge furniture into an eye-catching feature in any outdoor space. The material can be used on couches, armchairs or sofas and is extremely hard-wearing and easy to care for, making it the perfect choice for the stringent demands of the contract sector.

                Garden furniture

                Our faux leather can be used to enhance garden furniture too. The high-quality upholstery fabrics are coated, making them perfect for the outdoors.

                High-quality properties

                Stay tough and look good out at sea, whatever the weather, without compromising on comfort and flexibility – outdoor cushions have to do all this and more. skai® cool colors, for example, are upholstery fabrics that rise to the challenge by meeting every one of these requirements. They are hard-wearing and immune to all external influences. But in the cabin too, seating needs to be comfortable, attractive and functional. These tried-and-tested upholstery fabrics are available in a variety of textures and colors. What’s more, they are weatherproof, watertight, flame-retardant and resistant to soiling, making them child’s play to care for.

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                skai® Artificial leather for boats

                Artificial leather for boats

                A range of outdoor materials has been designed and developed specifically faux leather for boats and cruise ships. The boat cushions are hard-wearing and resistant to salt water, tear-proof and UV-resistant – in short, they are perfect for maritime use. Available in high-quality imitation leather or a range of creative, innovative designs, they also make for an attractive design feature.



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