skai Kunstleder für Möbelbau und Objekteinrichtung
skai Kunstleder für Möbelbau und Objekteinrichtung

skai® Artificial leather

With skai® artificial leather we offer an excellent surface material. The imitation leather convinces internationally with its enormous variety of applications in the interior design of high-quality living and object areas, but also in the medical sector or for outdoor applications. Our polyurethane synthetic leather effortlessly meets all requirements with regard to fire protection (B1 certified) and comfort - and thus provides a good alternative to genuine leather. Perfectly coordinated collections and innovations allow upholstery solutions, furniture fronts and floor panels of all kinds to merge into a single unit. Synthetic leather made of PVC plastic scores above all with durability and thus stands for genuine quality.

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skai® Artificial leather for a range of applications

Contract furnishing

The contract sector places high demands on our skai® upholstery fabrics. Materials used for headboards in hotels and on cruise ships or for seating in restaurants and stadiums must have flame-retardant properties to protect passengers and guests if there’s an emergency. Our products meet a wide variety of flammability standards. skai® Parotega NF and skai® Palma NF fulfil the strict building material class 1, meaning they comply with the very strictest flame retardant directives.

The materials chosen for contract furnishing applications should be highly durable and suitable for the task at hand. Seats in areas with a high number of visitors need to offer good abrasion resistance to stop the furniture wearing. skai® Pandoria Plus can withstand 100,000 Martindale cycles, meaning it complies with the most stringent requirements.

Furniture designers and manufacturers

When creating their pieces, furniture manufacturers and designers as well as interior designers and decorators find real inspiration in the attractive designs, strong structures and on-trend colors of our artificial leathers. Time and again, they use our products to conjure up irresistible, emotionally impactful living spaces – regardless of whether the materials are applied to couches, armchairs or walls. Just look around and it becomes quite clear that our products have found their way into all corners of our day-to-day lives: at home, in the car, at work, on holiday and in our downtime. In every situation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They enrich and add beauty to our lives. They make us feel nice and comfortable at any hour of the day or night.