skai® furniture foil in many colors and structures
skai® furniture film for kitchen, bathroom and cabinet furniture

Furniture Foil by skai®

Our plastic furniture surfaces exude authenticity and elegance. The exciting range features wood grain finishes and strikingly textured single colors, reflecting the trend for coziness and a shift toward individualization in many aspects of our lives. The single colors and creative textures found in the "colore magic structure" Collection are in keeping with the latest trend toward metallics. skai® PureLux, the PET lacquer laminate combines a sustainable matt surface with the highest quality. The thermoplastic PVC 3D furniture foil is suitable for use on membrane presses and thermoforming presses without a membrane. It can also be used on surface laminating and wrapping machines to enhance the finish of reconstituted woods.

For detailed information on our furniture film range, which is available from stock, please see Stock Collection for skai® Furniture Films.

Please note that this foil is not suitable for end-users, nor is it self-adhesive!

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Foil for High-Quality Furniture Fronts

Our skai® furniture foil, which is based on vinyl and has thermoforming properties, comes into its own on kitchen and bathroom furniture as well as on free-standing cabinets, where its incredible versatility, outstanding material features and amazing look and feel can really shine. Thanks to our huge selection of single colors, wood grain finishes and well-matched textures, we make life easy for furniture designers and kitchen manufacturers. The foil can be applied in lots of different ways, giving designers and manufacturers a whole range of possibilities. Our 2D and 3D vinyl foil can be used anywhere, regardless of whether the furniture features clean, minimalist lines or a more curvy shape. Our skai® furniture foil transforms kitchen cabinets, beds and closets into high-quality pieces of furniture.

The materials are available as single colors and in a huge variety of printed decorative finishes, primarily featuring wood grain. Thanks to their embossed surfaces, it is almost impossible to distinguish between real wood and our foils in their final application.

2D and 3D deformable furniture foils

2D and 3D Formable Decorative Films

Not only do skai® lacquered laminates look good, but their 2D and 3D surfaces also feel pleasingly natural to the touch. In particular, the 3D furniture foils with special wood embossing are incredibly popular thanks to their durability and robustness – whether they are used for furniture fronts, walls or contract design projects.


Stock Program of 3D formable Furniture Films

The skai® stock program 3D furniture foils (Stock Collection) offers a complete overview of the current product range in trendy plain as well as decor variants, which we always have in stock. Your advantage: Fast availability, due to short delivery times and ordering processes. Sale of rolls. Free sample service with A4 and large samples.


Vinyl Foils for Furniture Manufacturers

Inspirations and trends for furniture designers. Efficient and environmentally friendly procedures for furniture manufacturers. And finally, lasting enjoyment of surfaces in an inexhaustible variety of colors and décors - from white and wood textures to high gloss - for furniture in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. The premium quality furniture foil from skai® offers all of this vinyl and PVC. Our 2D and 3D decorative foils can be processed on all current systems. We will be happy to provide you with foil samples for your sample production.


Design films for furniture in matt and high gloss

Our skai® foils for kitchen and bathroom furniture as well as free-standing cabinets are available in various gloss levels. You can use our product filter to view matt furniture foils or semi-high gloss foils. The other gloss levels we offer are structure and standard. We will be happy to advise you if you have any questions. 


furniture foil in matt
furniture foil in differaent colors and structures

Extensive range of Furniture Films in solid colors and with texture

Whether in single colors, wood look or some other creative design, with or without texture and embossing, in chic white or on-trend blue, you are sure to find exactly the right furniture foil design for your taste in our huge range of colors and textures.

Customized Production of Furniture Decor Foils

Starting at 3000 linear meters (3D foil) or 5000 linear meters (2D foil), we can tailor the design, color and embossing to create a product specifically for a particular customer. We can supply the film in whatever width you like up to 145 cm and in roll lengths of between 200 and 500 linear meters.


Customized production of furniture foils

skai® Furniture Foils Novelties / Special Features

skai® PureLux Furniture Foils (Lacquer Laminate)

PET lacquer laminate of the highest quality: Durable furniture foils with a matt surface are an easy option with our second generation of skai® PureLux furniture foils - and now even less vulnerable to abrasion, scratches and knocks. Elegant matt finishes, single-shade décors with unrivalled surface smoothness, soft-touch feel and anti-fingerprint coating for easy cleaning make kitchen and box furniture even more attractive.

skai® furniture film for kitchen, bathroom and cabinet furniture

skai® NatureFeel Furniture Foils

Closer to nature than ever before: The innovative skai® NatureFeel 3D synchronous surfaces impress with their unique combination of printing and embossing. This is made possible by an innovative digital embossing process: Every pore, every branch in the wood, every shade of color and every gradient is perfectly reflected in the surface structure, giving you authenticity you have never seen before in PVC foils for furniture.


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