skai Kunstleder für Möbelbau und Objekteinrichtung
skai Kunstleder für Möbelbau und Objekteinrichtung

skai® Faux Leather

With skai® faux leather we offer an excellent surface material. The imitation leather convinces internationally with its enormous variety of applications in the interior design of high-quality living and object areas, but also in the medical sector or for outdoor applications. Our artificial leather effortlessly meets all requirements with regard to fire protection (B1 certified) and comfort - and thus provides a good alternative to genuine leather. Perfectly coordinated collections and innovations allow upholstery solutions, furniture fronts and floor panels of all kinds to merge into a single unit. Synthetic leather made of PVC plastic scores above all with durability and thus stands for genuine quality.


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skai® Faux leather for a range of applications

Contract furnishing

The contract sector places high demands on our skai® faux leather. Materials used for headboards in hotels and on cruise ships or for seating in restaurants and stadiums must have flame-retardant properties to protect passengers and guests if there’s an emergency. Our products meet a wide variety of flammability standards. skai® Parotega NF and skai® Palma NF fulfil the strict building material class 1, meaning they comply with the very strictest flame retardant directives.

The materials chosen for contract furnishing applications should be highly durable and suitable for the task at hand. Seats in areas with a high number of visitors need to offer good abrasion resistance to stop the furniture wearing. skai® Pandoria Plus can withstand 100,000 Martindale cycles, meaning it complies with the most stringent requirements.

Furniture designers and manufacturers

When creating their pieces, furniture manufacturers and designers as well as interior designers and decorators find real inspiration in the attractive designs, strong structures and on-trend colors of our artificial leathers. With the help of our faux leather for furniture, they always create emotionally touching living worlds with irresistible appeal, regardless of whether our materials are used on the couch, on the armchair or on the wall. Just look around and it becomes quite clear that our products have found their way into all corners of our day-to-day lives: at home, in the car, at work, on holiday and in our downtime. In every situation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They enrich and add beauty to our lives. They make us feel nice and comfortable at any hour of the day or night.

skai® artificial leather for the food service industry

Artificial Leather used in the food service industry

Our special skai® faux leather materials for the food service industry are suitable for particularly demanding areas such as seating in cafés and restaurants. As a manufacturer of coated surfaces, we offer a large selection of PVC artificial leather in many different colors, looks and embossings. The production of our materials is in Germany. The right vinyl upholstery fabric can be found for every room and application - even according to your individual wishes.


Furnishing of medical facilities

The product characteristics of certain skai® faux leather make them ideal for the contract sector such as nursing and retirement homes, hospitals and doctors' surgeries and meet the very highest design requirements. A new type of coating on the faux leathers for the medical sector provides excellent surface protection. These materials are resistant to disinfectants, blood and urine, comply with REACH and meet the requirements of the German Medical Devices Act (Medizinproduktegesetz).


skai® artificial leather for the medical field

Artificial leather for outdoor applications

With skai® cool colors Venezia and skai® Neptun, we offer innovative outdoor faux leather. skai® cool colors Venezia is a high-quality upholstery fabric for outdoor use whose surface significantly reduces the warming of the upholstery material in direct sunlight. Special cool colors pigments reflect up to 80% of near-infrared radiation. This reduces the heating of the upholstery material by up to 25%. This outstanding technology has already proven itself in other business areas, such as convertible seat covers or window frames.

Here applies: The darker the color, the greater the effect. In the outdoor sector, skai® cool colors Venezia now allows the use of colored synthetics across the entire spectrum, which was previously problematic due to heating.

The outdoor material skai® Neptun – either in Caleri or Pescara embossing – is also available in many summer colors. It has everything an upholstery material needs to withstand all weather conditions. The extremely robust material is lightfast and waterproof. All other values are also far above the norm. This makes the surface a successful long seller, especially for outdoor use, for example in cafés and restaurants. 

High-quality skai® upholstery fabric for the outdoor area

Artificial leather for cruise ships and boats

Above all skai® Neptun is the first choice for marine applications as boat upholstery, on yachts and on cruise ships. A nano-coating makes both materials particularly resistant to dirt and weathering. They are chlorine resistant, saltwater resistant and UV-stable.

Discover our collection skai® faux leather for boats and cruise ships.


skai® Artificial leather for cruise ships and boats
skai® Upholstery Fabrics for Caravans and Mobile Homes

Upholstery Fabrics for Caravans and Mobile Homes

With skai® faux leather for caravans and mobile homes, your individual furnishing concepts can be implemented at a high level in terms of aesthetics, function and durability. 
Especially in the interior and seating areas of caravans, the requirements for use are significantly higher. Here, the faux leather for caravans and mobile homes convinces with a high quality as well as a wide range of colors in many designs.

skai® Artificical leather novelties and special features

skai® Pureto EN - vegan PU artificiel leather for seating furniture

Vegan PU artificial leather skai® Pureto EN

The PU synthetic leather skai® Pureto EN in a high-quality calfskin look is an outstanding, universally applicable surface material that is convincing in terms of finishing, quality and ease of care. The modern colors of the PU faux leather also offer versatile options for making seating furniture attractive for different areas of use and for meeting the decisive factors: Aesthetics and seating comfort - as well as durability and easy care.


skai® Digital Print

Printing faux leather: Create your own digital print designs on one of our high-quality skai® upholstery fabrics to match the project. You bring your desired design with you and, in cooperation with the skai® experts, define the material quality and embossing of the artificial leather and adjust the color or repeat.

skai® Digital Print
Breathable artificial leather laif® VyP

Breathable faux leather laif® VyP

Faux leather - breathable and permeable to air. The innovative material laif® VyP belongs to the next generation of water vapor permeable and breathable faux leathers. Whether in a deceptively realistic leather look, metallic shine or textile look. We are a manufacturer of upholstery fabrics without animal-based components, which are a real alternative to real leather.


Flame retardant artificial leather

Our skai® artificial leather materials with special flame-retardant finish for interior use fulfil international fire protection standards B1, M1, AM18 as well as Crib 5. They impress with their high-quality, robust and versatile designs in plain colors, as faux leather or textile look. This makes the B1 faux leathers ideal for use in design-oriented contract applications, where fire protection is particularly strictly regulated. 

skai® artificial leather with flame retardance

Things to know about Faux Leather:

What is faux leather?

From an early stage, attempts have been made to produce leather imitations i.e., cheap and durable alternatives to temperamental and scarce real leather that were easily available by the meter. Artificial leather in the strictest sense has been around since the middle of the 20th century. It consists of at least two components: a textile substrate made of natural or synthetic fibers onto which a cover layer of colored plastic is laminated on a PU or PVC base.

Faux vs. real leather

Real leather is one of the oldest cultural goods manufactured by humans. As far back as the Stone Age, it was used as clothing, protection, containers, and more. Natural leather is obtained from animal skins in a complex process. To render it pliant and durable, it is mechanically and chemically processed. 
Artificial leather, on the other hand, is a synthetic leather imitation that can be industrially manufactured in any quantity to be sold by the meter. Material properties, appearance and texture can be endlessly varied: from the popular patterns of a wide variety of natural leathers to textile fabric textures including seams and stitching, right through to custom technical embossing.

Advantages of faux leather

The obvious advantage of artificial leather is that it contains no animal components, and therefore meets the requirements for vegan textiles. In addition, every roll of artificial leather has exactly the same properties and can be produced in qualities, colors and finishes that rarely or never occur in nature: from black to copper, brown, ochre, slate gray, mustard yellow or moss green. In terms of its look and feel, artificial leather is almost impossible to distinguish from real leather. And when it comes to ease of care and robustness, artificial leather is even further ahead! Unlike real leather, it cannot be damaged by UV radiation or moisture. It doesn’t fade, or become brittle or stained. With careful maintenance, artificial leather still looks almost new, even years later.
Last but not least, artificial leather is a particularly sustainable material: vegan, durable, and in many cases partly recycled, thanks to innovative substrates.

Processing skai® faux leather

Faux leather can be manufactured, transported, stored, and processed in large rolls to be sold by the meter. Imitation leather is more economical and quicker to manufacture than real leather; less trimming is required during processing. Artificial leather can be cut, pinned, sewn, nailed, or glued, easily and safely. Depending on the product and application, our skai® faux leather can also be pulled around curves and edges.

How is skai® faux leather manufactured?

Manufacturing of faux leather: An elastic cover layer made of PU or PVC plastic is applied to a substrate made of synthetic fibers on large machines, after which the foam layer is applied. This is followed by surface embossing of the leather imitation: cowhide, ostrich or creative embossing – almost everything is possible and is even part of the skai® standard repertoire. Finally, a transparent protective layer protects the surface from dirt, abrasion and UV radiation.

Faux leather – cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and care of faux leather: It is an extremely easy-to-clean upholstery material. In most cases, all that’s needed is to wipe the surface with a warm, mild soap solution and a microfiber cloth, and then dry it. A soft hand brush can also be used for heavier soiling. In contrast to open-pored real leather, leather imitation is not harmed by juice or even red wine stains, once the mark is immediately wiped off the fabric. In situations where artificial leather upholstery is subject to heavy-duty use, for example in the catering trade, the innovative staynu coating ensures unrivalled resistance to soiling – even a permanent marker stain can be easily removed!

How can I buy skai® faux leather?

skai® artificial leather can be ordered directly from us for orders above a certain quantity. You can also order artificial leather samples online beforehand, with no commitment. Our sales staff will be happy to advise you. Just call or email us!

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